for my next tattoo i wanna do a hp chapter illustration and im like real nervous but i think i want to do it on my inner arm just below the elbow. its just like a big commitment to get a big tattoo on your arm so im NERVOUS but i think i really like that spot 

i decided like three days ago that i was just gonna pretend that im pretty and i already feel prettier 

brodrum replied to your post: idk what topic to choose for my persua…

why ppl should love one direction

that is the ideal topic but i dont think it’ll be approved :///

i got my tires filled this morning and the boy who filled them up saw my 1d shirt and was like ‘you a fan?’ and i said yes and told him i went to their concert and he was like ‘i wanted to go’ and i said ‘really?’ and he said ‘no, but i do love taylor swift’ omfg and he was like ‘whats your favorite one direction song?’ and i told him that was a HORRIBLE QUESTION AND WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE but anyway he was flirtin hard and i told angelo that i bonded w the tire guy over 1d and he just sent me angry emojis and i told him i was sorry but true love cant be ignored 

idk what topic to choose for my persuasive speech ahhhh

i emailed my teacher letting her know i’ll be out of town on monday omfg and i typed up a whole email and literally her response was

gosh!!! i love you guys. thank you for being such a big important part of my life.

*screams for ten years*


michelle and angelo give me SO much life i love them